Welcome to the world, Marley Brooklyn . . .

The journey of Melody, Tim and Marley!

Marley Muffin’s update! November 25, 2008

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We are looking forward to having Marley at her first Thanksgiving! I am going to cook her up some yummy pumpkin! She’s never had pumpkin! She is doing great! She has 2 teeth! Her very first ones! She can be quite a crab apple because I know they must be hurting her. Poor little girl! But we are all hanging in there. She had her Christmas pics done last week. But I will have to scan them in at my dads house. So who knows when that will be done! haha! I’m just being honest! haha! I will put some new pics up though in just a minute. She goes to her 6 month doctors appt. next week. So I will be sure to give you all the latest updates. Love to you all! Happy Thanksgiving and please don’t eat turkey! sorry! I just had to throw that in there! ; )


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