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Pumpkin Patch! October 13, 2008

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Today we went to the pumpkin patchin Yucaipa. It was so cool! I’ve never been to a real pumpkin patch where the pumpkins are actually still in the patch! It was such a beautiful day too. We had a lot of fun! It will be of course more fun for her next year but I still think she had fun with mommy and daddy!  She fell asleep right when we got there! So I woke her up and she was actually is a great mood despite me waking her.  But as soon as we started walking out to the car she was asleep again! Poor little pumpkin….literally…… ; )


One Response to “Pumpkin Patch!”

  1. Shawna Says:

    Hey we took the boys to that pumpkin patch in Yucaipa on Saturday. Did you see the poor little monkey?

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