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Marley’s Day in Long Beach and more… September 23, 2008

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So mommy isn’t so good at keeping this blog updated so Auntie is taking over (and writing it as if me, Marley is talking). I’m four months old now and getting so big. I can fully roll over all by myself and I’m starting to make lots of “goo goo ga ga” noises I’m getting very excited about food, and cannot wait for mommy to finally let me have something more then a “booby sandwich”. Auntie is always more then willing to let me taste new foods, but mommy gets mad sometimes. Last weekend I went on a trip to visit Auntie at her new house in Long Beach. I had so much fun! I tried on lots of hats, went on my first boat ride, and saw sea lions. I can’t wait to go back this Thursday for another day of fun. Then on Thursday Auntie came to visit me in Redlands. We played for hours, it was fun as always. I wore my new outfit that mommy bought me. I looked so adorable. Auntie was so suprised that I’m only 4 months old and filled out a 12 month old outfit! You can check me out below.


One Response to “Marley’s Day in Long Beach and more…”

  1. Brants Says:

    Wow! She’s grown so fast. No doubt Tim is her daddy, she looks just like him. And hey, who made that cute pink kitty kat hat? 🙂
    We love you guys.

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