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We finally have the internet! August 31, 2008

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Sorry everyone! This blog hasn’t been updated in about a month! We moved the first week of August and just today we finally got the interent back! Shish! I updated some new pics so you can see our growing girl! She is now 3 and a half months old and doing so good! She is getting so big and changing so much every week! It seems that the month of August was an important month as far as new developments go. She can hold her head up perfectly and loves to stand, with our help of course! She is developing her fine motor skills everyday and is getting so good at touching things with those little fingers and can hold things now such as her Big Bird Grandmommy gave her!  This past week, Grandpa (John) bought her an amazing Baby Einstein jumper! It has so many toys and lights and gadgets! She played in it on Thursday for 40 minutes!  She loves that thing! She is starting to say so much! agoooo! eeeeeeeeeee! maaaaaaaaaaaa! are a few of her favorite words! haha! She steals are hearts everyday with her cuteness! We knew we’d love her but man! We friggin’ love her to peices!  She loves her mommy of course but daddy is number 1 in her books I think! She looks at him like she looks at no other! She really is enjoying Fridays with her Aunt Ashley and Uncle Joel! They moved into a new apartment and even has her own toys there! She will share them with her new cousin to be Kaiden! He is coming in January! Grammy is still watching her on Mondays and Wednesdays and Marley sure does love to see her face in the morning when she gets to our house! She took a trip to Grammys favorite store last week, DD’s and had so much fun! We taught her how to bargain shop! Auntie (Ashley Gereau, it gets confusing with the 2 Ashley-Aunts!) has spent a few fun times with MarMar in the last few weeks. She is a busy girl and doesn’t get to see her often but when she does Marley loves it! They flew to New York and everything! (inside joke between them!) Papa (my dad) is really enjoying Mar now that she can hold her neck up! He recorded her favorite show Hip Hop Harry for her on DVD to get us by til we got cable! I don’t know what we would do without that show! That and Big Bird videos are like gold to us! haha! She is sleeping through the night at least 5 to 6 hours. Other than really bad gas pains every so often, she is one happy girl! We are so lucky and very thankful for such a healthy wonderful baby. I thank my lucky stars each day that we have her!  Well, thats all for now. I promise to write so much more often.  love, Melody


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  1. Shawna Says:

    Ahh I really miss her soo much. She is so beautiful. I keep wanting to see her every morning before work but I keep feeling sick (morning sickness), and I end up laying in bed until I absolutely have to get ready for work. Time is just flying, I have to see her soon before she starts walking. Give her kisses for me. xoxoxox

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