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Eeeeeeeeek! Sorry Miss Marley! February 8, 2008

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Yesterday I didn’t really feel Marley move at all and I was freaking out a little. She is always moving around and hiccuping and just super active all throughout the day and night. I know she was probably just sleeping but I just wanted her to show me a few moves to calm my nerves. I drank cold juice, warm tea, pepsi….anything to try to get her to move her booty! But nothing. So I went online and read ideas of what I could do. One blog said to hold a flashlight to your belly and give it a few minutes and they will usually kick toward the light. So the only light we have is a huge mag light, but I thought it would work. So I turned off all the lights and put the light on my belly and before it even touched my belly, BOOOOOM! She kicked so stinkin’ hard!!!!!! Right on the light! I did it once more and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! She kicked even harder! I stopped because I felt so bad like I blinded her or something! She was obviously not fond of this light! Even after I removed the light, BOOOM BOOOM BOOOM!!!!!!!!!!! She wouldn’t stop! Marley was not a happy girl. I totally startled her! I felt sooooo bad! I hope she isn’t blind because I did that! I wanted to cry. I really felt awful….but the good new is…..she is obviously fine! haha! She was just being lazy like her mama and sleeping the day away! I won’t do that again….especially with a mag light! eeeeeeek! Sorry Miss Marley. 


One Response to “Eeeeeeeeek! Sorry Miss Marley!”

  1. Abuelo Vando Says:

    Well, I guess it’s about time I finally chimed in at the Marley website….
    Don’t know what this little lady is going to call me…Papa? Abuelo? Abuelo Vando? Hey old man?
    Doesn’t really matter…she’ll have me wrapped around her little finger in no time!
    Really strange…..our offspring….our child is creating a child!!

    Anxious to see her. Anxious to hold her. Anxious to love her.
    The countdown is on…

    Love you,
    Servando (aka ???)

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