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Finally! A good doctor! January 31, 2008

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Today we met our new doctor, and we love her! She was very kind and caring and took her time asking many questions. I feel like we are in good hands now! We did have to wait a very long time this morning to see her but she was worth the wait. Now we know she takes awhile, we will allow for it so it shouldn’t be a big deal next time. She has so many patients that they schedule her kinda crazy, I don’t care. She is so nice and explains everything and asks questions that I totally don’t mind! She gave us a thorough explanation of the ultrasound we had in January and everything looks nice and normal!  I am having some pressure in my belly at night that might be braxton hicks, so she told me to keep an eye open for that for awhile. If they get to frequent then we will have to see whats going on. I think they are pretty often but I couldn’t say for sure so I will just have to pay attention for the next week. She said I am gaining the appropriate weight and that I seem to be really healthy as far as blood pressure and all that fun stuff. But I am finally happy to say I LOVE THE NEW DOCTOR!  YAY!!!!


One Response to “Finally! A good doctor!”

  1. Grandmommy Says:

    Hi Marley, I loved feeling you kick me while I was getting my hair cut. I hope you like it. I did it for you. 🙂 Hope you like your crib. Your Mommy and Daddy picked it out and it looks cute in your room…..all that is missing is YOU!!!! It won’t be long now. I love you already.

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