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Aunt Ashley rubbing the belly! January 16, 2008

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Christmas Eve 2007


One Response to “Aunt Ashley rubbing the belly!”

  1. Robin Milhouse Says:

    Hurray, Miss Marley!!! You have your own official website now, and now all the people who can’t wait for you to arrive will be able to watch you getting bigger and bigger (and make Mommy more and more pregnant with each passing week! 🙂 It will be so much fun to watch your progress, hear about your on-going gymnastic sessions, and all sorts of other interesting things that Mommy is going to let us all in on as she and Daddy wait for your arrival!

    I don’t know if your grandparents on your Daddy’s side or your Mommy’s side have made their final decision on what they’re going to be called, but you can know this, sweet baby girl, they all simply cannot wait till you get here!

    We love you already!

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